Student Government

Boca Middle has a very active student government that consists of numerous committees to serve our school and community.  We participate in county, district, and state events.  

SGA Advisors:  Laura Gonzalez & Molly McFadden
 Email Laura Gonzalez
Email Molly McFadden

SGA President:   Karli Cronin
SGA Vice President: Coco Beardsley
SGA Treasurer: Jude Ghanem
SGA Secretary: Gabby Innes
SGA Parliamentarian: Macy Ladle
SGA Historian:  Macy Ladle

8th Grade President: Gavin Hooten
8th Grade Vice President: Hilkeja Presendieu

7th Grade President: Sophie McGeogh
7th Grade Vice President: Alex Feige

6th Grade President: Aiden Rubino
6th Grade Vice President: Meera Ghanem