Pre-Medical Academy

Pre-Medical Academy Program Overview:
• The Pre-Medical Science Academy offers a rigorous curriculum to increase awareness of medical professions and prepare students for high school medical programs.

Pre-Medical Academy Courses:
• Pre-Medical Academy students take a medical elective each year, to explore health care occupations and anatomy. Hands-on activities, simulations, guest speakers, and virtual job shadowing further students’ exposure to health care professions. The eighth grade medical elective earns high school elective credit.

• Pre-Medical Academy students also take accelerated science. These courses compact 6th, 7th, and 8th grade sciences into two years to allow students to take high-school Physical Science in 8th grade. The pacing of these courses makes them more rigorous than the gifted or advanced curriculum. 

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The Pre-Medical Academy Coordinator is Amy Finneran.
email: [email protected]